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About us

We are a public service company which was established in 2006 thanks to the project “The training of folk creativity and handcrafts” supported from the Structural funds of the European Union. Its aim is to maintain and especially preserve and hand over the traditions of the manufacture of folklore costume to next generations.

As one of the few we are involved in the manufacture of folklore costumes and their components (hats, bonnets, nosegays and others) by traditional methods and skilful tailors and embroiderers are able to elaborate the complete folklore costume not only from the region of Moravian Slovakia but also from various other regions. We collaborate with institutions which are professionally engaged in folk culture and therefore sewn folklore costumes correspond with the folk traditions in original patterns of embroideries, ornamentations and styles.

Besides the manufacture of folklore costumes we also offer repairing, washing and ironing of folklore costumes and their components. You can have your folklore costume sewn, washed or ironed in our shop as well as rent a folklore costume for various occasions.

Another activity we are involved in is handmade weaving which we use for manufacturing our own traditional materials. From that we sew not only components of folklore costumes but also the clothing (often according requirements of our customers) and we manufacture indoor accesories and various gift items. In the object of our plant was also founded the shop where you can purchase our handmade products or you can order them according to your individual design. Folklore costumes and other products are made for children and adults, individuals, groups, municipalities and folklore ensembles.

We seek to preserve traditional craft techniques hence our premises involve also the training centre with special customised working compartments for the tuition of traditional folk techniques (krosienka, knitting from osiers, handmade weaving, drawing on silks etc.). The training centre is intended for the general public and it is possible to train as many as 12 participants and the areas are also used for holding seminars, trainings and meetings.

We are supported by Municipality Uhersky Ostroh and Microregion Ostrozsko. Our place of business is located in the attractive area of the reconstructed part of the castle, the cultural relict, in Uhersky Ostroh. We will be very pleased to welcome all visitors in our place and acquaint them with the history and symbology, manufacture and development of traditions of folklore costumes.

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